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Westport Properties Providing 30 Years of Property Management Service
What We Do
Westport Properties is a full-service property management company celebrating 30 years of service. We provide management services to homeowner’s associations and cooperatives. We strive to create a unique relationship between our clients, our managers, and homeowners – a partnership that serves the special interests and concerns of all.
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Our Management Approach
At Westport Properties we approach management utilizing a common sense management style. We believe open communication, follow up and follow through is the bench mark for a successful partnership. We Plan - We Organize - We Implement.

Experienced board members know that hiring a management company makes sense.  Professional management companies are experts with the skills and staff to get the work done.  Hiring the right management company to partner with allows the board to concentrate on the immediate and long-term direction of the community.

President & Founder of Westport Properties
Cynthia (Cindy) Reiter
Cindy’s background is in HOA, Cooperative and Apartment management. She has been in the property management field since 1985, and she founded Westport Properties in 1990. Her experience ranges from managing historic properties to new construction properties, and the development of affordable housing. This background has given Cindy the insight, and knowledge of working with people from all social, economic, and cultural backgrounds that makes Westport unique in the property management industry.

Cindy has built a team of champions; that communicate the skills and competencies required to oversee the business of the people we work with. Above all, her team has a clear understanding of the value they add to the success of every property in the Westport family.

At Westport, the empowerment of women is important to our success. Women elaborate and create what it is they can be, do and accomplish in a demanding, and often times challenging industry. We put a strong emphasis on woman participating in all avenues of the business through collaboration, education, raising awareness and mentoring.

Our primary objective is to give our clients great service.
Senior Director of Operations
Jessica Shepherd
Jessica has a degree in business, she is a thoughtful and detail-oriented organizer, with extensive experience in property management. Jessica has worked at Westport Properties since 2001 and works closely with each manager daily, to guarantee our team receives ongoing training, and guidance. She continually reviews our systems and procedures, updating and improving, allowing us to give our clients the highest level of service.

Her professionalism and talent, is an asset in her position, giving her an edge in mentoring our team in this ever-changing field of property management.
Accounting Manager
Bev Masterson
Bev’s experience is in real estate & construction accounting, she started working at Westport in 2012. Bev provides oversight for cash accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgets, and more. She monitors revenue and expenses, maintains accounting controls and guides other departments by researching and defining policy and procedures. This knowledge allows Bev to make recommendations to operational issues keeping clients on top of the financial health of their communities.
Our company’s accounting activities entail a lot of confidential pieces. Bev ensures clients information remains confidential, she implements systems and policies to ensure proper financial confidentiality.

Bev provides critical thinking, high ethical conduct, and awareness which are essential to our success and the success of our clients.
Years of Experience
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Infinite Possibilities
Our Services
Real Service – Real Reliable – Real Results

Changing the landscape of collaboration

Financial Management
Westport Properties monitors the current and projected financial requirements for the property. This include Budgeting, Annual Audit, Tax Return Prep, Assessment and Collections.
Association Meeting Coordination
Westport Properties realizes the importance of receiving timely meeting information. Westport prepares and attends scheduled board meetings. We also prepare and distribute annual meeting packets.
Maintenance Program
Westport supports a thorough, well organized and effective maintenance program. Our maintenance program preserves property values and provides for the safety and well-being of the homeowners
Contractors and Vendors
Westport has a staff of highly trained maintenance people. We also have access to licensed contractors and suppliers.
Administration Management
Westport will assist and advise on property insurance, governing document execution, homeowner files and advisory services.

The needs of the community determine the management company’s role. A full service HOA Community Management Company can take the load off the shoulders of the board. We are here to guide and direct as needed.

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What People are saying About Westport
We seek to engage and create a unique relationship between our Clients, managers, homeowners

Experience the Westport Way

testimonial-team (Demo)
Becky B.

You’re doing a fabulous job Jessica!  We appreciate how quickly you were able to get our backyard repaired.  A quick response (if any) is not at all what we’ve experienced in the past.  Love the new portal as well.  SO grateful for you!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Ping Y.

In the short past 2 short years, your ladies and two handymen helped us accomplish many projects from small to large, more than 3 other property management companies combined in past 8 years.  Jessica worked smartly and effectively to help us replace the leaking roof which completely solved the leaking and mold problem for all townhouses; designed and enforced the parking map and towing policy for the association; repaired all outdoor parking lights that partially were dark for years.  Cheryl worked hard silently and principal-oriented, helped us to fight to replace the laundry service and trash collection vendors; physically checked into the abandoned unit#211 and helped us to install temporary electrical outlets and resume electrical service to warm that unit in the winter to avoid pipe frozen and busted. Kent and Ren were handy and skillful in helping us working around the property.

Here is a list of projects we accomplished in the last two years.   We will remember your help and good work

testimonial-team (Demo)
Umit N.

Hi again,

I just wanted to thank you for you quick response earlier.  Westport does an amazing job for the building and my wife and i truly appreciate it.

Have an awesome weekend.

testimonial-team (Demo)

Hi – I am looking at your picture in the CIC Midwest mag. Just came today. I’m feeling so content for the first time in 8 years that we are in professional, competent management hands. I am beginning to realize the difference between that and the DIY version we had previously. As a condo newbie, I had no idea. Thank you so much for taking us under your wing!                🙂

testimonial-team (Demo)






testimonial-team (Demo)

Look at this link for pictures of Alison’s place and of the building! Your management company has kept this building looking so inviting and beautiful! The pictures say it all! Check it out for fun!

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Some FAQ’S
Our mission is simple: To Better the Lives of our Customers.

Our Business Structure has a passion for team development; resulting in strong relationships with our clients. Our management systems are results-driven assisting us in reaching your goals for your property.

Westport Properties monitors the current and projected financial requirements for the property. Financial management includes the following:

  • Timely, Accurate Financial Reporting
  • Annual Audit / Tax Return Preparation
  • Budget Preparation
  • Replacement Reserve monitoring and planning
  • Preparation of financial packet which includes various levels of detail depending on the boards requirements

Westport will prepare for and attend:

  • Regular scheduled Board Meetings
  • Annual Meetings
  • Special Meetings

Preparation includes:

  • Board Packets
  • Status reports
  • Financial reports
  • Contract review
  • Calendar review

Westport’s philosophy supports a thorough, well organized and effective maintenance program.  Our maintenance program preserves property values and provides for the safety and well-being of the homeowners.  A program of regular attention and care is established for the property.  An effective maintenance program will provide accurate history of the property and project and the costs associated with the projects.

Westport has access to licensed contractors and suppliers for all your building needs.  Westport vets all contractors before they come onto your property.  We schedule the work and follow up on it when the work has been complete then inform the board of the outcome.  And of course we are happy to work with your vendors.

Westport will assist and advise on property insurance, governing document execution, homeowner files and advisory services.  We maintain files on all legal work and large capital projects.  Our management systems are results driven and encourages looking at more than one way to reach our goals.

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